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The Story of Unlikelihood


Being introverted, teetotal and anxious about crowds, finding the right environment to connect with people (in Hong Kong and Toronto) is a constant struggle.



I’ve always felt like a fish out of water trying to blend into a culture that was was very much adrenaline-charged. 

Times were overwhelming during middle school and I succumbed to hiding at home to escape the noise and taunts from peers. 

Consequently, I found comfort in learning about the world instead through movies. Film pushed me to question my surroundings, chase new perspectives, including one to start traveling the world alone and finding the freedom in solitude. 



My solo adventures began during my semester abroad in Denmark. It didn’t take long to notice the limitations in finding activities to do by myself as I often came across 2-person minimum policies or the uncomfortable feeling of encroaching someone else's circle. Things turned around as Airbnb led me to stay in remote fishing villages or quiet residential islands and just like a scene out of a movie, I realised that meaningful connections can be forged in the most unexpected of settings.


A New challenge for myself

Today, the compassion and openness I was greeted with has inspired me to take on a challenge - to channel my experiences into rethinking the very space that my younger self would have adamantly avoided - the party. I saw an opportunity to design a gathering that doesn’t just rest on welcoming diversity, but consists of activities that hinges on interacting with someone new and more importantly, different. 

I'm Clarence.


I work as a customer experience designer & illustrator. I have also been hosting online role-play competitions for ten years. My upbringing is in theatre and fashion photography.

Unlikelihood is a part-time passion project where I hope to challenge the conventional constructs of a party.

Unlikelihood (previously named Teleporters HK) is a creative outlet for me to combine all that I've learnt through my time as an illustrator, workshop facilitator, photographer and performer to bring a different type of 'celebration' to the 'party'.

Through the design of multi-layered storylines and  facilitation of games inspired by my favourite films, here we celebrate and illuminate people's different personalities and talents.


"He has an attention to detail and determination that we have all learned from and a heart that has warmed the office. When I first met him I could tell he would bring a great spark of energy to our office, but he has exceeded my expectations in every way."

- Ryan Flynn, Senior Information Architect, MXM Mobile New York.

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Unlikelihood's experiences would not have been possible without the support of the following co-hosts who supported with game testing, participating in skits and assisting with the explanation of rules.  A massive thank you to their time and help!

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I knew Sharon way back in high school and she was a huge reason how I even survived high school as a misfit, point blank. Sharon always had a natural knack for spinning a negative situation around with her spontaneous and sharp sense of humour. 

We both share a love of games and escape rooms and burn half of our time spent together pondering about alternate universes, subliminal meanings of films and how our lives intersect with them.



Eunice and I go way way back and we have known each other since primary school.

She has always been the most supportive of all my creative ventures throughout my life...from participating as a model for my photography projects, to participating as a contestant when I hosted an Amazing Race spin-off. I owe much of my willingness to take risks and take action to her infectious energy and open-mindedness.

We have a vivid history of spending many school breaks taking hilarious themed photographs.  




My first meeting with Jodie has to go down into the history books of one of the most surreal moments, straight out of an indie-comedy movie. We both knew of each other by name but had never found the right time to catch up until one afternoon, we bumped into each other in the same co-working space and struck up a conversation right there and then.

During that time, I had just reluctantly moved back to Hong Kong, and feeling a little jaded, Jodie helped open my eyes to a whole new side of the city.



Interested in acting or helping out in your free time? I'd love to get to know you! Send me an email!