“ I am still in awe how Clarence has managed to conjure such crazy ideas!”

- Jess, participant of SOCIAL 4, 5, 6

“Experience design superbly applied and executed.”

- Syl, participant of SOCIAL 6

“Clarence is a mastermind. It was my pleasure to be to be in the presence of so much creativity.”

-Stu, photographer of SOCIAL 6

“This feeling you described of not getting the feeling of belonging in a big city is so relatable to me, and I really appreciate your initiative in making a change for so many of us!”

- Emi, participant of SOCIAL 6

“Fast-paced and incredibly imaginative, the games are really engaging and everyone ended up cheering and laughing! I had so much fun even when I didn’t know anyone there!”

- Sharon, participant of SOCIAL 2,3,5

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