The uncanny circumstances we staged and the movies that inspired them



An A.I Fallout
Inspired by Ex Machina

SOCIAL NO.1 invited players into the moody, unsettling environment of Alex Garland's breakout movie, Ex Machina and imagined what may have happened after the end of the movie. Players discover that Kyoko (Sonoya Mizuno's character) is still alive after Nathan’s (Oscar Isaac) attack, however she’s now been recruited as part of a bigger underground plan. 

However an intruder is disguised in the mix and looking to hack the system.
It was down to the players to figure who that person was.

In line with the theme 'Detection', this 3 hour experience tested players' abilities to separate truths and lies, absorb instructions quickly and tap into someone else’s headspace.



A Glitch In Timelines
Inspired by Your Name

As a distinct turn from NO.1, NO.2 was inspired by the whimsical romantic-comedy Your Name. Players got placed into the middle of the storyline as they stepped into the shoes of Taki's schoolmates.

The story flashes back to the moment Taki realises that his crush, Mitsuha, is reaching out to him to help from an alternate dimension and warning him that they have to escape to avoid a future meteor strike. As his friends, players help Taki make sense of the circumstance.

In this 4 hour experience, players tested their abilities to make sense out of disparate elements, their abstract communication skills, and their perception of time.  



A Supernatural Siege
Inspired by Harry Potter: The Order Of The Phoenix

In this special edition, we collaborated with floral boutique company Scissors and Twine to pay tribute to The Order Of The Phoenix. We came up with an experiential floral workshop called "The Room of Requirement"

The story began as players acted as students from Hogwarts who are forced to find refuge in muggle territory after word got out that the Ministry has fallen. Death-eaters are right behind their tails and players work together to find a spell to protect themselves. 

Following the theme 'Discretion', players tested their knowledge in unusual sciences, their dexterity and memory under pressure.



A Blackmail Scam

Inspired by Baby Driver and Ingrid Goes West


NO.4 may have been our most challenging experience.

Players all assembled at a colourful warehouse and are informed that they are the new recruits for an upcoming heist. However, the terms of their engagement turn out to be far from what they hoped for. Players are told that their failure to live up to their job demands may result in the death of a loved one. 

Inspired by the precision of editing and the ricocheting energy of Baby Driver and Ingrid Goes West, the social consisted of games that all revolve around quick thinking and reactions. 




Introducing Fused Universes

We began combining plot points from different movies to create our own unique circumstances.


A Healthcare Scandal
Fusing: Alias Grace and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri

A malpractice scandal has just rocked a regressive, elitist community. Borrowing underlying themes from Alias Grace and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, SOCIAL NO.5 tells a story of how justice serves the wealthy and how many are quick to deny the truth in favour of saving face.

Set in a hospice care facility, players took on the roles of medical experts as they were brought in for advice, but they soon realised not everyone present had the same intentions.

An encounter with one of the inpatients eventually leads them to discover a series of puzzles woven through the local hospital's records. To solve them, players had to read between the lines and embrace the abstract. 



A Friend's Partner Goes Missing
Fusing: Annihilation and Call Me By Your Name

Reinterpreting Call Me By Your Name’s ambiguous ending, SOCIAL NO. 6 revolves around a man struggling to cope with his partner’s disappearance. He decides to track his family’s summer retreat house as a last resort for answers. 

Suspecting that his family has a part to play due to their staunch disapproval of his way of life, he instead discovers something otherworldly (inspired by Annihilation) that completely overturns the nature of their relationship. 

In this 6 hour experience, we tested players to see if they could untangle this "mystery of love."