A new experience inspired by merging Shoplifters & Roma
...set in a cozy, seaside hacienda.

A teacher discovers that her work to build a new art and mindfulness school has suddenly been vetoed. Given her impressive track record for taking disadvantaged teenagers and training them into some of the most promising local talents, her assistant, Connor, believes that her reputation as a champion of education can be leveraged to rile some public support. He decides to open the discussion to the local community.

You are invited to participate in a community fundraiser gathering. As students past and present converge together for the cause, you’ll discover he might have invited in more than he asked for…

Natalie P copy 2.png
Nobuyo from Shoplifters

Nobuyo was a fascinating character to follow. Assuming a more aloof and cynical mindset on a regular basis, her deep, protective instincts kicked in the moment she stumbles upon an abandoned child. She makes an unapologetic decision to take matters into her hands. It was interesting watching how she felt prepared to be slandered as a kidnapper, partly because she feels fulfilled she’s given the care that the child deserves.

Cleo Y 34.png
Cleo from Roma

Cleo works contently as a live-in nanny for a large family. She is well loved by the children of the household but her employees are always making sure she knows her place. Accordingly, she makes an effort to create distance. However, what I personally took away from Roma was how a surprise pregnancy and a runaway father reminded her that connections are always fleeting, and that it’s in her right to fight for the people she cares for.


• March 2nd 2019
• 12:00pm-6:00pm
Mui Wo Ferry Pier

$320pp (Until Feb 16)
$370pp (Regular)

Price included a home-cooked Mediterranean lunch.

Inspired by the serene surrounds of Mui Wo, please dress only in two colors:
Light blues and greys. Avoid logos!
(Option: You can do head to toe light blue, or head to toe grey.) 

Pack light, but make sure you bring an extra layer just in case the weather gets foggy/rainy. 
Below are images to help inspire your wardrobe.