Designed through the eyes of an introvert

As someone who travels alone often and doesn't feel they have a strong group to belong in, Unlikelihood is  all about diverting cliques and breaking down stigmas at social settings. 

Whether you're introverted, extroverted or somewhere in between, we welcome to join us. 


1. We fully facilitate the experience.

It’s always awkward to initiate the first conversations in a room full of strangers. 

We’re here to connect you to one another and we’ve crafted narratives that will prompt you to bond over a common mission.

Unlikelihood 2.png

2. We are inspired by film's power to spur dialogue.

Film is a great vehicle to speak about uncommon topics with a comfortable distance.

Don’t worry about what to ask people because we’ve got questions ready for each theme…ones you’ve probably never been asked before!

Teamwork Careful.jpg

3. We introduce you to people we think you should meet.

We get it. In a foreign setting, it feels best to seek the people in a that look or behave like us. However, this writes off the chance of discovering surprising connections. 

For each event, teams are carefully formed so that every participant should know someone and also has the opportunity to work with someone new. 

Coming alone or new in town? 

We’ve got you covered as we work to get you paired with someone with parallel experiences.


4. We design a series of games that champion everyone's inner underdog.

The world to us is far too often unjustly split between brawn and brains. What if you never felt like you ever fit in either factions? 

Each story tests a set of niche and different skills so you may just find that ability to write things backwards or your secret talent of balancing things are going to come in very handy.


5. We love to role-play and improv

A movie scene is nothing without its committed actors. Each experience has a dress code and we want you to come in costume so that the scene can truly come to life.

Having said that, we don’t take ourselves too seriously, (as you’ll see through our skits) and you shouldn’t either! Everything is all in the name of good fun. 


6. We cap the numbers

Our events are capped at 30 participants. This means you’re more likely to remembering each other’s faces and perhaps even names.

But it also means there’s less ambient noise so that you can feel better communicating without straining your throat too much.